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Pooja Jeshangs childrenswear line, "Petit Twigas" uses contemporary silhouettes but casual keeping it fun, funky targeted at ages three to four plus girls. "Petit" meaning Small and "Twigas" meaning Giraffes in the national language of Tanzania, Kiswahili. 

"Children are the best critics - if they love something and don't want to take it off then it's a good sign. And if they do, you know somethings not right," Pooja explains. She gathered her inspiration from her other job as a Early Childhood teacher. Seeing the children play around in the role play areas at school, it definitely shows what sort of things they love. The girls, love the frilly princess dresses, and the boys love the firemen, police outfits - the ubercool outfits! Dressing up at this age is surely fun for them. 

The line was inspired by her ever increasing growth of her label. However the childrenswear offers a continuation of her Resort to wear 2013 collection which used hues of electric oranges, pink fuschias, cobalt green wax african prints and mulled tie and dye looks. Keeping in mind the trend of locally sourced fabrics, which makes it ethical and sustainable. 

"You really can see the natural progression. The attention to tiny details such as the hand stitched embroidery, to the fabrics are definitely suggesting a point of playfulness. Its almost like implementing the contemporary silhouettes for womenswear but into childrenswear, offering different angles of experimentation with fabrics and form cutting. For this collection I have kept the colors bold, and bright. Also little features like contrast bindings, and details on the back really add to the character." 

Pooja says, that there isnt much difference in designing childrenswear or adults as you may think, just that there is as much as creative freedom to create anything and its alot more fun to design!